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Music you love that okay I would totally we're in for City Iowa which is where Winnebago is located we're currently the visitor center, but we're also going to check out this some ins and outs Winnebago themselves or the factory and the things that are built and this Winnebago is a pretty cool way to start by checking this thing out this is still awesome can you see this one if 1967 go check it out without 867 b22 only five grand back in the day we're going to give a little bot above the bass also sleep there one two three four five maybe if you crammed in the back it isn't it look at the dash is what that's not very far this thing's in great shape Wow Laughter then goes up to 100 we got 45 thousand miles on this bad boy okay we're going to see how organs are made like how they put them together it's a Winnebago Hensley at the 1959 it's a travel trailer drive the travel trailer and so on this is even older than the other one these are in perfect shape okay we're about to start our tour I mean this is legit we are going in where they're making this stuff get our goggles or earplugs I said some of this I'll be able to talk directly on the camera some of it my BB footage and some of it may just be voice over depends on where we're going what's going on you're so cute they might just hire you this building stitch craft and one of things that sets Winnebago apart from other companies is they make a lot of their own parts what they can if it's more economical to outsource something they have but a lot of things they do in-house they get to do quality control on their own and they also to get to keep the mold and produce things longer than some other companies because when you outsource things to a third party, and you go to get something and then all of a sudden BAM third priority stop making it a little frustrating if you've got an RV in that happen what's so good about this as you notice there are different types of foams, so you have this more durable foam as the substrate and then the softer foam announced it allows for more comfort and breathability now these machines are pretty fun they're cutting reflects that can take multiple layers of fabric you can put on the screen the layout to live the maximized, but we'll apply like dry cleaner bags plastic over the top you can see important now and that will apply a vacuum to this from the surface and hold it tight this machine goes they had actually sharpened its blades as it going — it's good it's quite an operation you can see on here by these tells us what unit number four there's an extra unit it goes into and here's the beef mystery today's basis we go with your profit or just-in-time manufacturers everything he receives no improvements to be on the line on a product in very short order up until a few years ago it was a gal that worked for us, she got into her nineties entrepreneur retired, and she did this, and she would go is that he stopped on the tour so what happens here's how we stuffed the...
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